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Traveling with pets is stressful enough, without having to think about the various rules and regulations governing our pets. Requirements for international travel or moving abroad can change drastically depending on the destination. In addition, there is very little room for error when it comes to completing official documentation. Errors can lead to delays, quarantine, or even complete rejection at the border.

Whether you are traveling from state to state or country to country, Brooklyn Vet Clinic can help you make sense of it all. We can walk you through the process and verify which documents, vaccinations, testing, and treatments are necessary for your pet to become travel eligible, avoiding quarantine whenever possible.

Health certification is involved and can be a time-consuming process that takes several weeks. Therefore, if you know that you will be traveling with your pet, please contact us ASAP to get a cost estimate and start the process. Also, we highly recommend you visit the USDA APHIS website to familiarize yourself with published requirements relating to your pet’s travel.

Only a USDA certified Veterinarian can fill out and certify both domestic and international health certificates for travel. You will also need ample time to send that paperwork to a USDA APHIS Veterinary Medical Officer. 

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