Paws Pet Resort

Paws Pet Resort

Boarding and Daycare by appointment only- schedule through

 PetExec LOGIN or call PAWS at (303) 688-2290!


Because we are attached to and owned by a full-service veterinary clinic we have the ability to give your pet all the medical attention he or she may need. Our entire staff is trained in First Aid. We have Veterinary Technicians who are thirty paces from your pet at any given point, and we have three different veterinarians on call 24/7.

Having a RUFF time finding someone to care for your furry friend while you're on vacation? Don't TERRIER yourself up, it isn't a CATastrophe. Call us right MEOW, dont PURRCATstinate! We will ensure your pet has a PAWSitively WOOFderful time.

Between the cameras in our outdoor play area and the cameras in each individual kennel you won't miss a moment of what your pet is up to during his or her stay with us. We are proud to provide the best possible service for your pet and are so confident you will agree with us that we want you to be able to see at any given point.



Viewing of the suite cameras is available 8am-10pm M-F and 9am-9pm Saturday/Sunday.  Suite cameras are password protected, please contact PAWS for password.

Need Assistance?  For technical support please contact Online Doggy via email , by phone at 303-805-4034, or visit OnlineDoggy

Viewing with Android and Apple mobile devices you will need to use the Odoggy app

For instructions on shutting off the Auto-Renewal feature for the Odoggy app please click here. ODoggy Auto-Renewal Settings.

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PAWS Pet Resort

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